1. Our motto is physical, Intellectual, creative and emotional growth of every child. For this the school imparts, together with academics, various co-curricular activities through House system, games and sports events, yoga, cubs-bulbul and scouts and guides. Value education is imparted to help the students grow into good human beings and useful citizens.

  2. To unravel and nurture the latent talents, the students are inspired to participate in music, art and painting, dramatics, debates and quizes etc.

  3. Our emphasis being on 'learning by doing', Science & Social Science exhibitions are organized annually, in which the students come up with  innovative and creative exhibits.

  4. To keep the students well abreast of expanding knowledge and scientific development they are encouraged to be the members of projects like TIE - Tribune in Education.

  5. Day-to-day lessons are enriched, made more effective and interesting by using audio‑visual aids like over-head projector and computers.

  6. Teaching at primary level is emphasized through activity oriented approach and group learning.Individual attention is given to slow learners and gifted children.

  7. To promote joyful learning without stress, overall development and confidence among children, comprehensive-continuous evaluation and grading system is adopted. There are no formal unit-tests and examination in Classes I and II.


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